m4b_FODPlaying Music 4 Buildings vol.13 – FOD, Bydgoszcz, Photo: Dariusz Gackowski

This is <karbido.com> service – an offical site of music group „Karbido”, based Wrocław, Poland.

Main artistic works of the band, presented here:

  • The Table – audio-performance. Unique concert on amplificated wooden table. Awarded plenty times on festivals around the world.
  • Music 4 Buildings – concerts / publishing / researching projects. Long-term artistic series of events; dedicate to relations between architecture and sound
  • Andruchowycz & Karbido – common work of the band and famous ukrainian writer. 12 years of activity, 5 albums. Music vs literature.
  • The River Map – common project of Karbido and Daha Braha, nu-ethno quartet from Kiev, UA.
  • Tance polskie (Polish Dances) – stage project of absurd music with edited voices of actual Polish politicians.
  • Table Around Cage – Karbido’s „the table” as instrument for pieces based on John Cage composing method

Members of the band are active as musicians, composers and artists, working for (among others) National Theater and Polish Radio Theater in Warszawa, Capitol Music Theater in Wrocław, Modrzejewska Theater in Legnica, as well as for movies (f.ex. sound production for „Demon”, „Chrzest”, „Moja krew” – dir. Marcin Wrona, „Warszawa” – dir. D. Gajewski). Karbido is closely related to the Hermetic Garage Foundation, which implements artistic projetcs, events, festivals (f.ex. WrocloveUkraina 2017, European Stadium of Culture Rzeszów 2011 and others).

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You are welcome to booking for 2020/2021 season, or ask for artistic colaboration/cooperation.