Playing Hell’s Bell’s in Bruggia. Photo: Tomasz Sikora


KARBIDO was created in Wrocław, Poland, in 2003, by musicians associated with two bands: CEZ and Kormorany. After year of cooperation, musicians began to use the language of theater music experience, musical illustration, radioplays, all basic genres of popular music, sonic experimentation, electroacoustic, musique concrète, sampling, field recording, poetry, grotesque, absurd, prose, photography and architecture – in search of new interesting phenomena… After 14 years of research, KARBIDO realised and published 9 music albums, 2 movies (DVD)  and, finally, played over 500 concerts in 30 countries of all continents (except Africa, and these white ones).

„Karbido” means „the thing which is highly explosive material, but made with your own hands and methods”. In other words, this is an hibrid activity around the sound, based on free choice – typical of vanguard artists with inclination to and experience in music, theatre and visuals. Wroclawians have made it plain that all inspiration is allowed, although it seems that some in a little more significant way: criminal jazz, idyllic melodies, noise brutality, folk-like openness and the energy of contrasts and/or improvisation.

KARBIDO crew – far from being precise when it comes to defining their music – passionately fit and shuffle their own puzzles. F.ex. they build their own instruments, and play with the listener’s habits, at the same time opening the door for careful observers of the world and energetic optimists who like driving at full speed on uneven ground. Because music has no limits, such a human imagine, as you know, in fact.

In 2004 the first programme, called simply: „Karbido”, was released by alternative label Hermetyczny Garaż, which, after years, was turned on into own production platform.

From the very first moments you can explore the musical theater of absurd, psychedelic trans overwhelmed by free-jazz and jazz-rock. 

These amazing and vivid motives could be freely used as background for silent films as well as espionage stories. Recently released, the new Karbido album can be surely found on jazz CD-shelves, but actually, a separate shelf should be created especially for that kind of music. It’s not the style that makes the album different, but the sensitivity and imagination of seeing sounds in 3D dimension, where the prior and decisive element is not the kind, but the energy beaming from each and every note. Here, Karbido would suit ideally Primus, Mr. Bungle or solo projects of Mike Patton and it is fans of such crazy projects who should be encouraged to pay attention to Karbido music.
Grzegorz Cholewa, Gazeta Wyborcza („Karbido”, CD, 2004)

KARBIDO is also characterized by staff variability, which depends on the nature and the needs of artistic activity. More about people You can read here.


 Playing „Absinthe” in Kiev.

stilik bdg

Waiting for „The Table” in Bydgoszcz.


Rehearsal in good moods.

tance 6

Playing „Tańce polskie” in Wrocław. Photo: Miron Kulla