Post-carnival sense of live. Andrukhovych 6.0 – its a 48hours long, 60 anniversary of Ukrainian writer and Karbido member, Bu-Ba-Bu creator and galicia-extremist Juri Andrukhovych. Lectures, meetings, prayers, concerts and drunken orgies in the extraordinary lightness of the city of Wrocław, whose president Jacek Sutryk will award Yuri with the extraordinary medal of honor.
Proza Club, Wrocław, March 13-14. Free admission for reservations.





We are proudly anounce that there is a newborn creature in our house!
Guardians are: mr Ihor Hnydyn on drums (ChockolaD, Karbido),
mr Mark Tokar on doublebass /(Ken Vandenmark’s ESCALATOR)
mr Tomasz Sikora on baritone sax and alt sax with subtle live electronics (Serhiy Zhadan Rozdilovi, Karbido)
and mr maot on hybrid basses (Karbido, Rheino de Rotten),
in totally unexpected reactive-intuitive-freeform called a CENTRIFUGE.

means a piece of equipment
in fast rotation
around a fixed axis
to made a separation of hidden materia.

World premiere:
13.12.2019 Dzyga Club Lviv /UA
14.12.2019 Proza Club Wroclaw / PL

Stay tuned please.



We are proudly invite You to meet (hear? see? feel?) second edition of our project, prepared specially for „Industriada 2017” as a fusion of a giant video-mapping live-act, a musical piece based on the sounds of Silesia with additional level of silesian language’s hidden world. The new version, dedicated to the „Biennale Industrii” will be placed in temporary exhibition area in Museum Śląskie (Katowice, PL). There, at level -4, you will be able to participate in a unique, musical and visual event at one and the same time constituting a musical landscape of Silesia.

Karbido are:
Tomasz Sikora – live electronics, bs, as, guit
Artur Dominik – drums, prepared percussion
maot – bass, live electronics

And again, like two years ago, we will work with the magnificent VJ-s
from the CUBE Group (Ivano-Frankivsk, UA):

26.09.2019 at 21:00
Temporary Exhib Area (-4) of Museum Slaskie, Katowice.
Tickets: HERE


Dear Ukrainians and september guests of Ukrainian cities!
A portion of improvised psychedelia in the post-jazz package is coming!

We invite you to the concerts of the promotional tour of our latest album „Litografie” – in 9 great halls…

  • CHERNIVTSI | 9. 09. | 21:00
    Central Palace of Culture, sq. Theatrical, 5.
  • ODESA | 11. 09. | 19:00
    Green Theater, st. Marazlievskaya, 34.
  • KROPIVNYTSKY | 13. 09. | 19:00
    „Provokator” club, st. Soborna, 1A.
  • KHARKIV | 15. 09. | 19:00
    ART AREA DK, st. Chernyshevskaya, 13.
  • KYIV | 17. 09. | 19:00
    Ukrainian Radio Sound House (BZZ), st. L. Pervomaisky 5a
  • KHMELNYTSKY | 18. 09. | 18:30
    City House of Culture, st. Proskurivska 43.
  • TERNOPIL | 19. 09. | 19:00
    Regional Philharmonic, St. Kn. Ostrozky, 11.
  • IVANO-FRANKIVSK | 20. 09. | 19:00
    Promprylad, st. Academician Sakharov, 23.
  • LVIV | 22. 09. | 22:00
    Night of poetry and music non-stop
    Fest Republic, Starozenskaya street 24-26.

„Litografie” program is entirely devoted to the old Stanislav (or even Stanislavov; today’s Ivano-Frankivsk) with his stories and legends. The text basis was the eponymous cycle of seven poems written by Yuri Andrukhovych, that were published in the second half of the 1980’s and three decades later suddenly sounded updated sense.

The album will be on sale during concerts.

See You there!
Yuri Andrukhovych, Ihor Hnydyn, Marek Otwinowski, Tomasz Sikora.

The „Litografie” tour is supported by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland under the Multiannual „Niepodległa” Program, and by Adam Mickiewicz Institute supporting platform „”


Heizraum Ruska Strasse – this is the title of our latest release, which was prepared at the end of winter 2018 in former german basement in polish Wroclaw, on Ruska street… This time, Karbido presents a 40 minute landscape in X parts, absolutely devoid of literature, film, theater and other contexts.

Over 20 instruments, two musicians, hermetic studio and freedom of expression.
Here and now (in a mysterious graphic layout).

The work was created in the „Arcanum” series (as Vol.02) – an experimental music activities of the Hermetic Garage Studio. The pre-order will be announced asap, and the album will be available in early autumn.
Can’t wait for it!



It was the first sonic action exploiting the musical potential hidden in the sculptures / metal pneumatic objects built by Tomasz Opania.
The first performance took place in the BWA Wrocław Gallery.

Cubes, microphones, computer modifications, saxophone, bass – in quadraphonic PA system.
Performed by Tomasz Opania, Tomasz Sikora and maot.

Duration: 45 minutes.

Documentation – soon :)

22.03.2018 LITOGRAFIE by Maciej Lewenstein

An outstanding expert on Polish improvised music, author of the book „Polish jazz recordings and beyond” – Maciej Lewenstein – about our latest album:

Keep reviewing the ones I love:
***** Andruchowycz & Karbido: „Litografie”

by Hermetic Garage

Jurij Andruchowycz (voc);
Ihor Hnydyn (dr, perc, live elec);
Marek Otwinowski (bg);
Tomasz Sikora (as, bs, field recordings).
September 2017.

This marvelous album was inspired by the series of
red lithographs and a series of poems „Litografie starego
Stanislawowa” by Jurij. Here, the poet interprets seven
of this poems in Ukrainian with an incredible support of
Karbido. Pawel Czepulkowski is replaced by Ihor Hnydyn,
who is perhaps more dynamic, but equally well one
could say that the music here is more dynamic.

I am totally impressed by the incredible work of Tomek Sikora
on saxophones, both on alto and baritone. It all sounds
like a Polish-Ukrainian XXIst century version of The Pop
Group with Gareth Sager, combined with some phrasing
à la Ken Vandenmark. My favourites are the opening „Serafini”,
with the baritone sound, and the magisterial „Koci koncert”,
combining both alto and baritone.

The album is wonderfully edited as always, with the
reproductions of the seven lithographs, and with the
congenial Polish translations of Jurij’s poems by Marek
Otwinowski, on the reverse of each image.

For me this is a masterpiece of the contemporary
combined with sung poetry.



Andruchowycz & Karbido on New Year’s 100% SALE: the newest clip from the „Litografie” album. „Serafini”.
Thanks to all producers and especially to mr Dada Cowboy.

Filmed in 100-yo barn at Dworek Rousseau, Świnoroje (PL), during recording session (09.2016).

W filmie umieszczono polski przekład tekstu / incl. polish translation.