We are proudly anounce that there is a newborn creature in our house!
Guardians are: mr Ihor Hnydyn on drums (ChockolaD, Karbido),
mr Mark Tokar on doublebass /(Ken Vandenmark’s ESCALATOR)
mr Tomasz Sikora on baritone sax and alt sax with subtle live electronics (Serhiy Zhadan Rozdilovi, Karbido)
and mr maot on hybrid basses (Karbido, Rheino de Rotten),
in totally unexpected reactive-intuitive-freeform called a CENTRIFUGE.

means a piece of equipment
in fast rotation
around a fixed axis
to made a separation of hidden materia.

World premiere:
13.12.2019 Dzyga Club Lviv /UA
14.12.2019 Proza Club Wroclaw / PL

Stay tuned please.