THE TABLE RIDER ENG 2011 [pdf 0.6MB]
Rider published in pdf. Document incl. technical and stage requirements, stage- and lights- plans and other important conditions. Please read it carefully!
"The Table" presspack [pdf 4.3MB]
All About "The Table" and Karbido. Reviews, describes, photos and links about this and other our projects. All photos are unusable in print (low-res). For hi-res files, please contact.
Lights-plan for "The Table" [pdf 231KB]
Scetch-draw of lihts composition for our concert.  
The Table - Stageplan [jpg 135KB]
Simply plan for "The Table" stage: scheme of audience, stage and mixers position. Distances - black line at top of drawing mean 100 cm.
SAMOGON: rider [jpg 197KB]
Look for the Samogon Stage with (our) backline and necessary  equipment - mikes, monitors etc.. (Yours) with inputs describe. This is Samogon Middle Stage (not a small club but not a stadium yet:)
Karbido-AL - rider [jpg 197KB]
Thats our tech-rider for middle and bigger stage (300+ pers). For smallest places modifications are of course possible. For big stages supplementary mixer for monitors is necessary (with staff).
First of all - shake it well.